2022 Passover Program i Sa Diego, CA
Upscale Getaways Pesach 2022 i Sa Diego
We’re Back!! The Most Aticipated Retur of Ay Program o Earth!
We are so excited to have the opportuity to showcase this special property to you for the 9th year.

Racho Berardo is estled ilad i a valley betwee 2 beautiful moutais. Not oly is it breathtakigly beautiful, but due to this fact, the area features some of the best weather o the plaet. Ulike Florida ad Arizoa – i mid to late April- the weather i Racho Berardo (Sa Diego) is perfectio.

The Racho Berardo I is a member of the distiguished Preferred Hotels & Resorts ad is a destiatio resort iteratioally kow for its exquisite golf, spa facilities, ad exceptioal cuisie. The resort has garered a impeccable reputatio throughout the years, as it has become oe of the most award wiig resorts i Califoria.

These accolades brad the Racho Berardo I the highest rakig resort of ay Pesach program i Califoria.

2020 – Codé Nast Traveler- amed to the list of the Top 20 Resorts i Souther Califoria
2020 – Codé Nast Traveler- amed to the list of the Top 25 Spas i the USA
2019 – Codé Nast Traveler- amed to the list of the Top 20 Resorts i Souther Califoria
2019 – Travel & Leisure- #47 o List of Top Resorts i USA
Cosiderig all of the accolades, obviously RBI is a special place. But what makes it so uique? First off, the resort features 287 luxuriously appoited guestrooms that all have either a patio or balcoy, offerig breathtakig views of the surroudig moutais. At o poit are you more tha a 5 miute walk to eve the furthest reaches of the property ad may guestrooms are withi a couple miutes of the brad ew $30 millio Arago Coferece Ceter. The resort truly gives you the feelig of beig estled i a peaceful have i the heart of the moutais. The property features a edless array of cozy corers with a variety of outdoor fireplaces ad firepits to sit aroud ad socialize with frieds. We all kow how importat that is to the Pesach experiece.

There’s Never a Dull Momet at Upscale.

With a property like the Racho Berardo I ad a locatio like Sa Diego, the opportuities for memorable excursios are edless. Sa Diego is oe of America’s top tour destiatios ad at Upscale we do’t leave the plaig to you. We offer multiple trips ad tours daily, geared to adults ad kids of all ages. There is o program o earth that offers as much to their guests i terms of trips ad tours as we do…ad that is a fact! From the obvious like the World Famous Sa Diego Zoo & Safari, Sea World, Legolad ad Sa Diego Padres to the uique such as Kayakig ad Sorkelig the Sea Caves at La Jolla Beach, Pait-ball at US Marie Camp Pedleto, Seal Tours ad cultural epiceter Balboa Park- the optios i Sa Diego are truly edless.

All of this happes i a place famous for the best weather o earth!

With a upretetious style ad geuie warmth that is completely uique amog the world’s fiest resorts, we would like to welcome you to a truly upscale Pesach experiece.

We are always here ready for your call, ad ca’t wait to go over everythig with you!

The etire Coferece Ceter will be exclusively for guests of Upscale Getaways ad etirely Kosher for Pesach.

Hotel Name: The Rancho Bernardo Inn

Hotel Address: 17550 Bernardo Oaks Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

Contact Info:

Phone: tel:1-877-895-3210

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